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Abdul Manack

Abdul  Manack passionately believes that people are the most valuable asset on earth, if we develop the concerns of people, sharing their pain  and issues, this will uplift them, and teaches them skills that will kick start and develop them in community, society,  our country, and in the world.

The traits of a great servant leader and mentor dictates that you have a positive outlook on life, a dedicated spirit, sheer determination and commitment to achieving your goals. By creating and living with a purpose one can leave a lasting footprint like the inspirational President Nelson Mandela did. These characteristics are embedded in Abdul ‘Jack’ Manack. He is a highly respected, well known international sportsman, coach, radio and television personality, motivational speaker and committed in community development and social responsibility projects. Abdul’s greatest strength lies in taking ACTION with speed of implementation.

Abduls journey began as a young and aspiring sportsman to playing professional cricket, then business, including consultancy by securing government contracts. Now he is a trainer, facilitator and coach in business and life and is currently a leading figure at Leaders of Today and Grow Champions. Abdul drives programs for activating leadership and helps people  take control of their lives by finding practical solutions within one self. He is part of a phenomenal team called “Inspirate” who appear on Dstv focused on unleashing the viewer’s potential, Additionally he hosts a weekly local radio show and is also a SETA accredited trainer. He has attended over 50 workshops on self development and uses these skills to enhance our rainbow nation

As a cricketer he represented the Highveld Lions (1994-96), represented Transvaal (1983-1992) during the apartheid era. In July 2016 Manack was awarded a SOUTH AFRICAN blazer in recognition of his achievements during the apartheid era. He holds the Transvaal record of 197 first-class wickets and was the fastest and youngest ever to take 100 wickets in the history of non-racial cricket! He also spent six years in the UK.

On business Abdul has varied experience as an entrepreneur and was a coordinator for South Africa’s largest events company- Big Concerts. Abdul also owned and managed a number chain of stores named AMA TOYS-TOYS in malls and flea markets. This exposure enhanced his interaction with people and learned the importance of developing skills and empowering people.

Manack ventured in to the corporate world when he joined Calibra Motor Corporation. He was their key accounts manager for the RT57 contracts  and was instrumental in winning a National Treasury tender for 4 consecutive years. Among his many clients, Abdul also had the SAPS and SANDF and other government departments under his wing.

In addition, Abdul has worked at Al-Ghazalee college spearheading  social responsibility programs. Some of the projects he worked with are pink  breast cancer awareness, running feeding schemes in nearby locations, taking the aged on a shopping experience with school kids, visiting patients in local hospitals, cancer awareness projects, helping abused woman, coordinating programs for special needs kids and collecting books and blankets to assist nearby schools. Abdul  belongs to organisations such as  Empower 360, Grow Champions, Lot and Inspirate. In the holidays he takes kids on camps, building self-esteem programs and empowers them with tools to develop servant leadership.

In his spare time he plays golf, goes bungee-jumping, and recently finished his first Triathlon. Abdul is currently preparing for the 94.7 Cycle Challenge and riding for a purpose. During last year’s event, Abdul made 100 people smile for every kilometer he rode – riding for the Smile Foundation!

All of us have a social responsibility to make this world a better place and not just take from it, so at BURAAQ MINING COMPANY every dime you spend with us we give back and together develop your community in a positive, inspiring way.