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Aysha Bangie

Aysha Bangie is a dynamic individual with an impressive resume, which includes a Master’s Degree in Project and Programme Management and 21 years’ experience in the Banking Industry.
She has received many awards for her hard work and skill, ranging from innovations to implementation. Aysha is also a Reiki Master and Crystal Healing Practitioner, and an Aafiyah healer and she has mastered the art of healing. Her purpose is to bring sacredness, passion, and integrity to the healing. She is an empowerment educator who motivates and empowers everyone that cross paths with her. Through her journey of self-discovery and unleashing her full potential she shares her life lessons as an author of #Its All About Selfies. She currently holds two titles for 2018, Ms. Africa Global International World and Ms Africa 1st Princess. Aysha is always ready for any challenge that enables her to reach her full potential, it gives her the opportunity to explore her limitless potential, challenging and guiding her into a bigger purpose.

As a Philanthropist, and founder of the “Be Selfless” foundation, Aysha is determined to make a bigger difference in people’s lives by expanding her philanthropic vision, and create a platform to drive this vision deeper and wider into creating waves of positive change! She is humbled and blessed to have been a vessel and channel for positive universal change through the many charity functions and events which aids in helping the destitute. Her aim to affect an even bigger, ongoing change. Aysha uses the platform of social media to motivate and empower the youth of South Africa and encourages local indigenous talent