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Nafisa Fareed (Grey)

a working woman, a mother, a wife and a CEO, tied to her black suites, starched shirts and shiny shoes.

All this before 30 and she is still summiting new heights. A Muslim women that plotted a part to a successful life that is founded on values, morals and ethics that resonate from her culture.

Nafisa runs a happy home, a successful energy business, a platform to develop SMMEs, and is currently developing a foundation to empower women while she boast an Instagram blog that showcases
her inner pet love for fashion, beauty and food. She shares her loves and likes, opinions and admirations. She opens up a window for young and old into the “weekend closet freedom” to a “Friday suite free day” for the ladies and then plays with her passion for food and travel

Don’t be fooled by the lavish cover, cause deep down Nafisa is a simple person, turning dreams to reality while balancing a family and professional career.