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Stacey is the youngest South African Author who wrote her 1st book, ‘Smelly Cats’ without her parents’ knowledge at the age of 7. This book was approved by the South African Department of Basic Education as suitable for young learners from Early Childhood through to Primary School. She is a fun-loving and

bubbly young girl born on the 16th of February 2007 in Johannesburg as the second of four children. Stacey is the youngest Multiple Award-Winning Writer of Chapter books on the continent, if not in the world. ‘Smelly Cats’ won 3 awards for the book before Stacey’s 2nd book ‘Bob and the Snake’ was published. By Age 9, her Awards and Recognition included; ‘Smelly Cats’ as the 2016 NDA ‘Best ECD Publication 2015: Special Mention Category’, prize donated by UNICEF, ‘Young Leader 2016’ for her leading motivational and inspirational roles, and ‘Academic Achievements and Initiatives 2016’ for her writings at the East Wave Radio Nelson Mandela International Com- munity Day Leadership Award. Mail and Guardian Top 200 Young Most In uential South African 2016, a Runner up at the Victor Basadi Awards in the Young Dignitary Category for 2017, and a nalist for the “Gauteng Premier’s Women of Excellence Awards 2018” in The Girl Child Category. Stacey won in the Category of Skills Development and Education in the “Gauteng Premier’s 2nd Youth Excellence in Service Awards 2018;” an emotional occasion in which Premier David Makhura announced her as a Special Guest, gave her an open ovation and lifted her to the crowd. Stacey was the youngest founding member of the Wits University Centre for Multilingual Education and Literacy in 2016.


  • The Premier of Gauteng named her as Excellence in South Africa’s Future of Education and Skills Development, 2018.
  • The Premier of Gauteng Honoured her as The Premier’s Girl Child for March 2018.
  • Independent Educator’s Board named her 21st Century Learner at the PSI Conference 2017.
  • Mail and Guardian had her as 200 Most In uential Young South African 2017.
  • She is Save the Children’s Youngest Ambassador 2017.
  • Honorable Pravin Gordan calls her the future of SA, 2017.
  • Deputy Minister of Arts and Culture named her Honorary Ambas-sador for the Department in March 2017.
  • Gauteng Legislature has her as Runner up, Young Dignotory Award at the Vita Basedi Award 2017,
  • Eastwave Radio named her Young Leader 2016 and Academic Achiever and Initiatives. Expresso Show named her as Young Achiever for November 2016.
  • LeadSA named her Leading Young Suth African in November 2016.
  • Beautiful news says that she is rewriting SA’s History.
  • In November 2016 Stacey was honoured to o ciated a graduation ceremony of over 300 learners at MvelaphandaTraining Centre in Limpopo
  • Wits University has her as the Youngest Founder of the Multilingual Institute in August 2016. National DevelopmentAgency (NDA) named her book the Best ECD Publication 2015.
  • What will you call her? Actually, will you be one of those who make her?ACTIVISM

    Stacey is a philanthropist and an activist for the AfrICAN Child. She is the youngest Ambassador for Save the Children. She focus on teaching African children because she is very disappointed that many children cannot read and write by age of 9. She has dedicated her life to teach, motivate and encourage others through public talks, writings, and her

    television projects. Stacey constantly donates items like books, computers, clothing and food through The Stacey Fru Foundation to children and adults of South Africa. Her foot print is seen across provinces in the country into rural areas where she has been privileged to appreciate how lucky she is. Her major concern for children as evident in her writings and her talks usually themed around; Illiteracy, Poverty/Inequality, Religion, Safety and Security, Respect, Love, Family and Friendship, etc.


    Stacey’s work is done under the Stacey Fru Foundation (SFF) – Reg: 19-015 NPO. The Foundation’s major projects are: Children Television South Africa (CTVSA), Know your Countries, An African Book a Child, AfrICAN Children of the Year Awards, Safety and Security Campaign, Reading for all, and Writing for Passion Initiative, etc.

    PEOPLE’S DEVELOPMENT/Stacey Key Projects

    AfrICAN Children of the Year: Every Children’s National Day in South Africa, the Stacey Fru Foundation; the custodian of these awards, together with its partners, recognises all AfrICAN children ages 7 to 13 who are contributing positively to their community, country and the continent, in a bit to glorify and African gift, but promote Africa to Africans as a continent of choice. The rst ceremony is in 2018.

    Know Your Countries: Stacey is committed to educate African children on Africanism. She uses her television channel CTVSA to pro le various countries on the globe. Her passion for Africa saw her committed to pro ling all Africa countries before any other Countries.

    An African Book A Child: Stacey is not happy that many African children do not celebrate African writers. She has therefore committed to collect and distribute books by Africans and about Africa only, to children and institutions.

2016 Safety and Security Campaign for Children by a Child: Stacey sensitises children and adults alike on the importance of safety through a play written and directed by herself and her talks.

Television Talk Show Host – Stacey is a talk show host at CTVSA. She interviews key persons with stories that can motivate. If you or anyone you know will like to be pro led on the channel, please contact her now.

Passion for the African child through Sharing and Caring – Stacey runs workshops for children. She is a passionate public speaker. Her first public appearance was when she was 8. She spoke to 877 matric learners at a Career Expo organised by Anglo- Ashanti in April 2015 on the topic “living your dream”. Since then, Stacey has spoken 6 times at Wits University, Libraries, in graduation ceremonies, festivals, classrooms, workshops, international conferences, festivals, boardrooms, fairs, programmes, services and product launches, media, etc. The biggest group she has addressed is 2, 200 learners.


The Premier of Gauteng Awarded Stacey with Excellence in South Africa’s Future of Education and Skills Development the the

Youth Excellence in Service Awards 2018.

The Premier of Gauteng Honoured her as ‘The Premier’s Girl Child’ in the Women’s Excellence Awards March 2018.

Runner up, Victor Basadi Awards in the Young Dignitary Category for 2017.

Mail and Guardian had her as 200 Most In uential Young South African 2017.

5th Nelson Mandela International Day Community Leadership Award Ceremony; ‘Young Leader 2016’ for her leading motivational and inspirational roles,

‘Academic Achievements and Initiatives 2016’ for her writings.

‘Best Early Childhood Development (ECD) Publication 2015: Special Mention Category,’ 2016 NDA Awards; Prize sponsored by UNICEF and bestowed by the Minister of Social Development.



Beautiful News recognises South Africans who have made a di erence. To them, Stacey was one of such in March 2017 HER WRITINGS

Stacey’s fingers do not seem to pause. Her third book ‘Smelly Cats on Vacation’ will be published in 2018. She writes stories, essays, poems, speeches and attempts songs. She is a guitarist and a ballerina. A motivational speaker, storyteller, poet, TV talk show host, chairlady, and teacher who has helped many realise that you are never too young or too old

to live your dream. Stacey has given public talks to diverse audiences in different occasions, her first speech at 8, was to over 877 Matric learners at the AngloGoldAshanti Career Expo 2015.

Smelly Cats (Written at age 7)

Smelly Cats is about two cats who are cousins with common challenges of different socio- religious and academic backgrounds and geographical locations on a daily basis. Even though the cats come from the same family, they are bound to have differences due to who they are. The constant fights are real reflections of daily lives. However just like in real life, fights are a vital spice of life that do not last forever. Want to know more? Order copies on +27 82 548 6385 for copies or

Bob and the Snake (Written at age 8)

Bob loves snakes with his whole heart. He is super happy because he heard his parents talking that they may buy him a real snake for his birthdayThe snake, Lob was crown the City Hero for saving the family from a thief who broke into their house while they were asleep. Ironically, the snake is the same reason why Bob ran away from home for days. Bob’s parents were very unhappy after they found him, but he tried to make up and make peace. “No matter how much parents try, children will always be naughty and parents will always be hard”. But Bob learns to respect his parents by disrepecting them? Look for a copy on or +27 82 548 6385

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Easy to say money, but no, for stacey, it is the ability to nd and maintain contacts with driven children who look beyond today.

Support Structure

Stacey is very thankful to the sta that have always been there for her. To her loving caring and committed parents. To their helpers, past and present. To her siblings. To all who wish her well.

Profound Conference Centre (Venue Sponsor)
Freedom Park (Storytelling)
Mbongshu (child instructor, speakers, guitarist, poet) Trainers Without Borders (Print of books Sponsor)
City of Johannesburg Library Services (tour of Book reading, Motivational talks)

Children Television (CTVSA, TV Host)
Wits University (Several Talks and foreword to second book by Professor Habib)
Gauteng Department of Education ((Motivational talks with MEC)
Gauteng Department of Community Safety (Campaign) Mvelaphanda TVET (O ciated Graduation ceremony)
Gcina Maseko Heritage Trust (Mentoring Stacey)
UNISA (Motivational talk)
Eden College (Motivational talk Primary School)
St David’s Marist College (Motivational talk Primary School) Brescia House (Motivational talk Primary School)
St Joseph’s College Cape Town (to motivate Primary School) Rustenburg Girls Primary School Cape Town
King David’s College (Motivational talk Primary School) AngloGold Ashanti (Career Expo)

Place of Birth: Languages:

Johannesburg, South African Excellent English Language


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