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Victorine Mbong Shu


Victorine is a mother of four children and a wife. She is BrandSA Ambassador, a Businesswoman, who has been in ed- ucation and training since 2002. She is the CEO of Profounder Intelligence Management Services, a Publisher, Editor, Researcher, Transformational Speaker, Mentor, Material Developer, Facilitator, Assessor, Moderator and TV Talk Show Host at Children Television South Africa (CTVSA). She and Emmanuel own and manage the Profound Conference Centre in Bramley-JHB.

As mother of the world’s youngest multiple awards winning author of Chapter books and the Custodian of the AfrICAN Children of the Year Awards, Victorine is passionate for emancipations of women and the young. She boosts good lead- ership and people management skills and remains passionate and enthusiastic in everything she does. Her management style is management by consultation and cooperation and she prefers working in an open, progressive and goal oriented environment. Her never-quite attitude and communication skills are well above par and she enjoys being involved in education, motivation, creative problem solving as well as strategic brain storming activities. To validate her passion and commitment, Victorine studied for a Master’s Degree in 18 months despite being an employer and mother of 4. She is an Involved Parenting Conversationalist.

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  • *  Chief Executive O cer and Founder of Profounder Intelligence (+10 Years)
  • *  Author, Publisher, Editor, Managing Agent (+3 Years)
  • *  Chief Operations O cer of Trainers Without Borders (+8 Years)
  • *  Owner Profound Conference Centre (+3 Years)
  • *  Sales Executive, Research and Projects Manager, Divisional Manager: Communications, Research and Projects at Excellante International, Johannesburg– (6 years; 2002 – 2007).
  • *  Communications and PR O cer at CENAMEPCAM-Cameroon 2000 – 2002
  • *  Public Relations O cer at STEELCAM – Cameroon (3 months Internship 1999).


    Victorine is passionate about empowering people. She has worked in di erent elds across communities in both rural and urban SA. She nds no barrier and is aware of the depth of education, hence, while her books are selling across the world, her impact in the training and skills development has been felt within government, non-governmental and private sectors across 19 African countries.


    Victorine writes books, develops training materials and produces content for a wide range of purposes: from websites to blogs, magazines, advertisements, television and movie scripts. She is also identifying and publishing other writers through her company; Profounder Publishing.


    Victorine is the owner of Profounder Intelligence Management Services, which she founded with her husband in 2007. Profounder boosts the following units;


Victorine is engaged is a journey to impact generations through the following voluntary works;

The Stacey Fru Foundation – Reg: 19-015 NPO. A foundation that helps stretch the works that Africa’s youngest multiple awards winning Author, Stacey Fru is doing in motivating people.

The Foundation’s major projects are: Know your Countries, An African Book a Child, AfrICAN Children of the Year Awards, and Safety and Security for all.

CTVSA – Children Television South Africa is an online television channel which performs the duties of the Stacey Fru Foundation and its partners.

Involved Corner – Reg: 192-092 NPO a home for businesses and organisations that are homeless. CHARITY AND COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT

Through community centres, correctional services, schools, care centre, clubs, churches and other institutions, Victorine has contributed generously in both money and time in the development of the next person.


Victorine is a talk show host at CTVSA. Her show is called Involved Parenting Conversation with Mbongshu. If you or anyone you know will like to be pro led on the channel, please contact her now.


The results Victorine has achieved throughout her working experience indicate her ability to add signi cant value in the following areas:

  • *  Business Development: she has intuition and excellent discernment skills and is well versed in new market penetration initiatives particularly in Africa coupled with experiential and cross-cultural marketing techniques. A combination of these characteristics has enabled her to start up and manage successful businesses turning over an excess of 5-million-rand pa with over 40 percent of the revenue coming from new markets in various African Countries.
  • *  Resourceful and target driven – she thrives in leading by example and by operating in dynamic and complex working environments, she has learnt that problems are opportunities for improvement and growth
  • *  Developing a vision – Victorine is able to clearly articulate a statement of the purpose of the business, who its customers are, and what gives it a competitive edge.
  • *  Team player – Team spirit gives her the latitude to work with and to empower people with the knowledge and

ability to meet challenges of the business. This has enabled her to achieve what some people call ‘success story’.

  • *  Management analysts – otherwise worked as management consultants, where she examines an organisation’s

    systems to gure out how organisations can maximize e ciency. When executing this duty,

    Victorine takes various factors into account including; sta ng, organisational structure, and work ow processes.

  • *  Proofreader/Editor – In this position, Victorine examines a nal draft of a documents, books, newspaper and

    magazine articles, speeches or any other written communication. She can edit but enjoy working on this document after it has been edited. With her detailed eyes, Victorine ensures that no errors remain as she roots out spelling errors, punctuation errors, typos or incorrect use of grammar etc.


    Other key traits Victorine can o er include her ability to:

    • Plan-preparing detailed plans of strategy
    • Focus-setting priorities
    • Communication-informing and motivating


    • Taking action-implementing plans
    • Negotiate-breaking through grounds


    • She moved through the ranks relatively quick; from a PRO, Projects Executive, Projects and Research Manager, Projects and Research Director, to Managing Member, Mentor and Expert Facilitator
    • Most consistent conference researcher 2002, 2003 and 2004 at Excellante International
    • Research and Projects Manager of the year 2003, 2004 and at Excellante International
    • Formed and currently running two businesses
    • Instituted the policy and procedure document for two companies, 2007/8
    • Instituted the performance appraisal and management system in two companies 2007/2008
    • Studied for a Master’s Degree in 18 months while mothering and running businesses
    • Started up two successful businesses and still CEO and COO in both
    • Raising four children (yes, it is an achievement)
    • Multiple awards winner
    • Published 4 books


      To nd and work with partners for possibilities.


      To see a world of aligned decision makers working for the common good of humankind.


      Easy to say money, but no, for Victorine, it is the ability to nd and keep driven people who look beyond today.