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Why Exhibit

Your brand deserves to be showcased at the market’s largest exchange platform.
The EID SHOPPING FESTIVAL is a highly targeted exhibition, developed to attract qualified groups of the buying public through the door, enabling you to interact with them, face to face in an environment which is relevant to their needs and in which they are comfortable.

  • After 8 years, EID SHOPPING FESTIVAL has become a label in its own right and a veritable event. It is the only fair in Johannesburg capable of uniting over 40,000 Muslim visitors from all over the country in the same place, at the same time.
  • Because exhibiting at EID SHOPPING FESTIVAL means being part of a community, a family: that of Fashion and wellbeing.
  • Going beyond simply participating at the show, it sends a message to clients that your brand matters, since only the EID SHOPPING FESTIVAL brings together the key players in the market.

The EID SHOPPING FESTIVAL is an Entrepreneurship Program of THE GHOOD FOUNDATION.

At THE GHOOD FOUNDATION, we provide FREE Learnership to Disabled Learners in Durban, Johannesburg & Cape Town

  • We assist in Drug Rehabilitation
  • We offer free Business Coaching and Mentorships
  • We host the FREE DIGNITY STORE where the orphans and the destitute shop for FREE.
  • We offer Free Health & Healing to Old age Homes, Orphanages, and the people who are in need.


The EID SHOPPING FESTIVAL seeks to assist companies to make Connections, Communicate their proposition and effectively do business. Exhibiting at the EID SHOPPING FESTIVAL is one of the quickest, cost-effective ways to reach new customers.

When it comes to the total quality of a marketing interaction, nothing comes close to an exhibition. Seen one of your print adverts turn a hardened sceptic into a believer? Heard of a radio spot absorb an objection and turn it into a sale? There’s no marketing tool more proficient for winning new business than an ESF exhibition which brings you face to face with your target market in an atmosphere of business expectation.

EID SHOPPING FESTIVAL works harder to deliver opportunities and more value:

Highly Targeted

Through securely focused profiles, Highly Targeted Audiences and Cost Effective Sales and Marketing Platforms ESF is committed to delivering Contacts, Content and Creating Value for every client.

More Opportunity

To concurrently achieve a host of your sales and marketing objectives including Direct Sales, Brand Building, Sampling & Launching of new products, Researching Markets, Database Building, appointing new agents AND maintaining relationships with your existing customers.

Fast Market Penetration

Reach your market in a short space of time, under one roof.

Highly Flexible Promotions

Mass-reach of advertising, targeting of direct mail, persuasive power of face-to-face selling, networking benefits of the Internet.

Import & Export Consultants

To advise you on exhibiting out of country.

The EID SHOPPING FESTIVAL delivers more to concurrently achieve a host of your sales and marketing objectives including:

  • Direct Sales – Present your Eid Collections and obtain initial market share
  • Brand Building – Showcase your brand in a creative way
  • Sampling & Launching of new products – Create or raise market awareness
  • Researching the Market and Meet clients from all over South Africa.
  • Database Building – Network with new customers & potential distributors.
  • Maintaining relationships with your existing customers.

Strongest ….. Participating in the EID SHOPPING FESTIVAL also means benefiting from a Powerful Promotion campaign unique to the market.

From 1 – 5 May 2019, you will benefit from a prestigious showcase and have the opportunity to promote your brand and meet customers in an elegant, festive and welcoming atmosphere.

Exhibitor Booths
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