About The Ghood Foundation

As Extracted from an Interview with Proudly Muslims

Shenaz believes that rather than giving hand-outs to people, it’s more beneficial to coach them on how to be the best that they can be at their trade. While THE GHOOD FOUNDATION donates blankets, groceries and food to the underprivileged, Shenaz finds more meaning and satisfaction in helping people sustain themselves. “People have abilities, but not opportunities.” Shenaz explains that she identifies a person’s strengths, assets and abilities, and then gives them unsurpassed opportunities to develop further. Skills Development, Self Growth & Development, Interpersonal Relationship Adeptness and Business Etiquette are just some of the services which she generously teaches to entrepreneurs. 

When asked what inspires her charity and social work, Shenaz replies: “People are endless. They have forgotten who they are and why they are here, and they’ve forgotten that serving others makes them feel better. They have forgotten that forgiving is not for the other person, it’s for themselves. I want them to learn love again for their fellow human family.” She regards time as her most valuable asset, expressing that giving away her time (and therapy) is more precious than giving away financial aid.

 Shenaz’s charitable ventures are endless. She works with various local organisations to facilitate donations or Zakaat (mandatory charity) for those in need who approach her. She works closely with the Gift of the Givers, and her charity work is funded by all her own enterprises.

Shenaz has also established the ‘Dignity Store’ where those less fortunate can

shop for necessities FOR FREE.

Entrepreneurial skills development and human upliftment is a fundamental part of THE GHOOD FOUNDATION which is a cornerstone for creating opportunities and changing lives.  They offer skills development training which involves instructing up to a six hundred people for free, providing them with vital skills that will lead to permanent employment.

 Shenaz is also campaigning to raise R11 million to fund The RX3 Centre, a community-based Recovery, Rehabilitation & Reintegration Facility for Drug & Substance Abusers. The centre is the first of its kind, and will equip patients and substance abusers with various useful skills, making their reintegration back into society a more agreeable process. She believes that people should not be judged and that their behaviour can be disciplined and corrected. With drug abuse becoming the epidemic that it is, and witnessing children as young as 6 years old become cocaine addicts, Shenaz recognised the need for this type of centre. 

 To further combat the rampant drug problem, she is launching a Youth Empowerment project – a written course that will be submitted to the Department of Higher Education for inclusion in Life Orientation modules at schools. The next phase of the project will be a Hope Teen Centre to help children aged between 10-18 years with emotional and behavioural disorders, along with their families. The conception and duplication of this three-pronged project in as many locations as possible is her philanthropic goal for the future.

 PProudly Muslims of South Africa finds an avid supporter in Shenaz, as she says Muslims are currently stigmatised and ostracised, falsely called terrorists and kicked out of their homes and countries. “This type of initiative will change mindsets and allow people to see what Muslims are doing. Traditional media has a negative spotlight on Muslims, therefore it’s important to highlight the positive work we do and show that we are good people who display kindness and generosity.” Shenaz adds that South African Muslims are part of a huge economy that helps millions of people around the world with billions of Rands in aid and relief. 

To get involved with THE GHOOD FOUNDATION, email shenazghood@gmail.com