Added Value

=>  Highly targeted– Through securely focused profiles, Highly Targeted Audiences and Cost Effective Sales and Marketing Platforms ESF is committed to delivering Contacts, Content and Creating Value for every client.

=>  Bespoke Value Stand Packages tailored to your needs and budget.

=>  Exhibitor Brochures and Kit’Coms’ to maximise your return on investment.

=>  More Opportunity – to concurrently achieve a host of your sales and marketing objectives including Direct Sales, Brand Building, Sampling & Launching of new products, Researching Markets, Database Building, appointing new agents AND maintaining relationships with your existing customers

=>  Design, Build and Branding Solutions from strategy to execution.

=>  A Host of Websites for expansive business, networking and learning opportunities beyond the event floor.

=>  Turnkey exhibition services

=>  Fast Market Penetration- reaches your market in a short space of time, under one roof. =>  Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunities to amplify your market exposure.
=>  Highly Flexible Promotions mass-reach of advertising, targeting of direct mail, persuasive power of face-to-face selling, networking benefits of the Internet,

=>  Online Manuals and forms to make the exhibiting process hassle-free.

=>  Personnel Services to assist your event sales force, brand activation or product launch.

=>  Import & Export Consultants to advise you on exhibiting out of country.