Your Complete Marketing Toolkit For The Eid Shopping Festival


This is your exclusive Personal Advertising & Marketing Toolkit which includes THE EID SHOPPING FESTIVAL

Show LOGOS, FACEBOOK Banners, DATE Banners, WEB Banners Video INVITES and invite your clients to the EidFest@Gallagher and a whole lot more. You will also be privy to exclusive sponsorship, advertising and media opportunities.


Maximize Your Visibility

Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities

PRE-SHOW Marketing


EID SHOPPING FESTVAL social logo in a high resolution JPG and compressed PNG format

High Resolution JPG

Compressed PNG

EID SHOPPING FESTVAL web banner for your online presence in 1080 HD and common format sizes

1080px Banner

1024px Common


EID SHOPPING FESTIVAL Facebook optimized banners collection to make pixel perfect Facebook targeted marketing

EID SHOPPING FESTIVAL WhatsApp optimized logo to easily showcase the event through the popular platform

EID SHOPPING FESTIVAL marketing video collection to truly captivate your target market with high resolution production marketing videos

ESF Badge Gold

ESF Badge Silver

ESF Promotional

Take advantage of the valuable complimentary opportunities to help you make the most of your exhibition investment!