More Than A Fair


The EID SHOPPING FESTIVAL………….. More than a Fair

In a Middle Eastern-like décor … Spicy fragrances, delicious foods and simply magical encounters. Between April the 9th and 13th 2020 the EID SHOPPING FESTIVAL invites you to experience an exceptional event.

Touch, Taste. Experiment …. at the EID FEST, above and beyond the collections themselves, EID trends are expressed through designer garments, fabrics, flavours and lifestyles in a life-size experience that appeals to all the senses. This is why the we invite the professionals from the industry to meet their potential buyers on a one on one every year in a unique setting, directly inspired by current trends.

For the duration of the five-days, view presentations and launches of the collections for EID 2020 and join the celebration in South Africa’s most vibrant city.

Be Inspired! Entertainment, Shows, Workshops, Happenings, Displays … more than just a fair, the EID SHOPPING FESTIVAL has made its mark as the must-see event.

This is where it’s all going on in June. Be here or miss out!