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The EID SHOPPING FESTIVAL was inspired by Dr Shenaz Ghood in 2011, who wanted to create a formidable and professional business platform for Informal Traders, SMME, Young Entrepreneurs and Home Industries in our communities to network and grow, whilst selling their products in a fun-filled environment. 10 years later, THE EID SHOPPING FESTIVAL is one of the most successful exhibitions in Gauteng, and has become both a B2B and B2C environment, and is now an Annual Event held at the Ticketpro Dome.




The EID SHOPPING FESTIVAL came to fruition when Dr Shenaz Ghood discovered a gap in the market and an opportunity to help other aspiring female entrepreneurs and home industries. A project of THE GHOOD FOUNDATION, the festival offers over 300 exhibitors the chance to sell their products. Any profit made at the event is charitably returned to grow and develop it further for the exhibitors. A massive undertaking, Shenaz helps relatively unknown entrepreneurs grow into established businesses by providing them with Training, Education, Coaching, Communication and Marketing Strategies, as well as Branding. Some of these women have went on to trade their merchandise on an international market. She uplifts and motivates these enterprising home industry executives to create exciting, new and dignified opportunities for themselves. Her goal is to mould these vendors into the most successful entrepreneurs that they can be.  


As Extracted from an Interview with Proudly Muslims 

Shenaz believes that rather than giving hand-outs to people, it’s more beneficial to coach them on how to be the best that they can be at their trade. While THE GHOOD FOUNDATION donates blankets, groceries and food to the underprivileged, Shenaz finds more meaning and satisfaction in helping people sustain themselves. “People have abilities, but not opportunities.” Shenaz explains that she identifies a person’s strengths, assets and abilities, and then gives them unsurpassed opportunities to develop further. Skills Development, Self Growth & Development, Interpersonal Relationship Adeptness and Business Etiquette are just some of the services which she generously teaches to entrepreneurs.

When asked what inspires her charity and social work, Shenaz replies: “People are endless. They have forgotten who they are and why they are here, and they’ve forgotten that serving others makes them feel better. They have forgotten that forgiving is not for the other person, it’s for themselves. I want them to learn love again for their fellow human family.” She regards time as her most valuable asset, expressing that giving away her time (and therapy) is more precious than giving away financial aid.



ABOUT Dr Shenaz Ghood

As Extracted from an Interview with Proudly Muslims 

Dr. Shenaz Ghood – Events Organiser, Transformational, Metaphysical Health Coach and Social Uplifter 

“Who you’re being is far more important than what you’re doing.” This is one of many inspirational quotes by Dr. Shenaz Ghood, whose reservoir of infinite wisdom and knowledge could fill volumes of self-help books.  Two hours spent in her presence gifts one with more life lessons than could be learnt in ten years. She exudes a vivacious and optimistic energy, leaving those who have been lucky enough to make her acquaintance feel more enlightened and hopeful.

For the past 10 years, Shenaz has been uplifting people through many mediums of social and humanitarian work, unwrapping people’s potential to bring out their best selves. The 51-year old metaphysical health coach dedicates her life’s work to healing and helping others. 

She lives by the motto: Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.